Trip to the Amazon jungle

Yasuni Kichwa Ecolodge changed its name to
Napo Cultural Center





A contribution to the conservation of biodiversity and culture

Napo Cultural Center is a community tourism project managed and operated 100% by the Añangu, an ancestral Amazonian culture

Yasuní means "sacred land" and symbolizes the abundance of life on earth. It is the most biodiverse ecosystem on the planet.

The lodge is built on the basis of Kichwa architecture, has rigorous sustainable standards and is environmentally friendly

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We seek to preserve ancestral traditions and the natural environment as a means of identity, sustainability and respect for life.

The climatic characteristics of the area favor the development of an immense diversity of animals and plants that are part of one of the most fragile ecosystems of the planet.

The inhabitants of the jungle

Within the territory that includes the Yasuní National Park, the community of Añangu has been recognized nationally and internationally for its work in favor of the preservation of the ecosystem and the environment, since it is a community in which hunting and fishing is banned.